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Delven exists to transform the way research is conducted, we envision a future where researchers and participants seamlessly connect, collaborate, and contribute to scientific advancements. By harnessing the power of technology and data, we aim to create a trusted ecosystem that facilitates research innovation, accelerates discovery, and maximizes the potential of every study

There exist many difficulties with participant based research

Traditional recruitment methods and participant management are replaced with a risk-free and streamlined alternative. Participants benefit from easy access to relevant studies, comprehensive support throughout the entire process, and a clear understanding of study requirements. Researchers gain efficient participant recruitment, streamlined processes, and enhanced engagement. Delven revolutionizes research, fostering collaboration, accessibility, and efficiency for researchers and participants alike.

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Delven is thrilled to be in a strategic partnership with Master Control, bringing you comprehensive solutions for your clinical trials. From study inception to conclusion, our combined offerings promise to streamline your entire process. Master Control's cutting-edge document handling and eTMF software provide a robust foundation for your clinical trial management. Meanwhile, Delven presents a user-friendly platform to efficiently manage your participants' progress throughout the study. Together, we are committed to delivering excellence and efficiency to your clinical research endeavors.

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