Unlocking New Possibilities: Introducing Delven's Participant Management Software

May 15, 2023

At Delven, we are revolutionizing the way participants and researchers connect, monetizing data and time while making a significant contribution to scientific advancements. Our cutting-edge participant management software empowers both researchers and participants, streamlining human-based studies and unlocking the next steps in the research journey.

Our participant management tools provide researchers with a comprehensive solution to track participants throughout the study. With Delven, researchers can monitor participant progress, assign them to specific study arms, and seamlessly navigate through each phase. We prioritize research integrity, ensuring that all projects on our platform have obtained Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and meet the rigorous standards set by Delven.

As a participant on Delven, you gain access to a wide array of studies tailored to your interests and demographic profile. Our platform carefully matches your information against eligibility criteria, ensuring you are presented with studies that align with your preferences and have the highest chance of approval. Once accepted into a study, you'll experience a guided onboarding process, where you can conveniently complete study sections online or in-person at your own pace, within the study timeline.

Join Delven today to not only earn money but also become an integral part of the scientific community. By leveraging our participant management software, you can actively engage in groundbreaking research studies while ensuring your interests and privacy are respected. Together, let's unlock new possibilities and drive meaningful advancements in scientific research.

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