Being a Participant

Monetize your data and time while advancing life saving research

Help cultivate critical research

Delven helps connect you to studies that meet your interest and equitably compensate you for your time. We make participating in research convenient while providing the best benefits to you.

Understanding the
participation process


Find a study

Discover research studies that match your interests and provide optimal benefits. Our platform helps you locate the ideal study, even if it's hosted on a different platform.



Researchers set specific criteria for study participation. We match your demographics against eligibility requirements, ensuring you see studies with the highest chance of approval. If needed, we may ask you to verify information or schedule a meeting with a researcher.



Once approved, we guide you through the onboarding process. Learn about the study, understand the requirements, and get ready to participate.



Studies consist of various sections that can be completed online or require in-person visits. You have the flexibility to complete sections at your own pace within the study timeline.



After completing all study sections, you'll receive a comprehensive debrief. Explore the study's purpose, learn about the methods used, and address any questions or concerns you may have with the researcher.



Once you've completed all participation steps, your compensation is automatically paid out to your account. Participate, contribute, and get rewarded for your valuable contributions to research.

Memory storage

Your Data, Your Value

Unlike other companies, Delven does not make money off of selling your data. We act as a connection point between the research community and you the participant.

You have complete ownership over your data. That is why we ensure you are properly compensated when you choose to share your data with a research group. Additionally, as a participant, you always have the opportunity to remove yourself from a study at any given time.

Addressing the gap in trust between researchers and the public

We ensure participants are well protected by vetting all research projects that are being run on the Delven platform. We require all research groups to have acquired permission to run the study from an Institutional Review Board (IRB) and meet the standards of the Delven platform.

In the event of a research group breaking our code of conduct or receiving disciplinary action from an IRB we will disclose this information to all the individuals that participated in the study.

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