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MasterControl helps life science companies connect, manage, track, organize and store documents, images and other essential digital content as part of their electronic trial master file (eTMF) throughout the clinical trial lifecycle. MasterControl connects clinical operations and clinical quality on a single platform.

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Delven is thrilled to be in a strategic partnership with Master Control, bringing you comprehensive solutions for your clinical trials. From study inception to conclusion, our combined offerings promise to streamline your entire process. Master Control's cutting-edge document handling and eTMF software provide a robust foundation for your clinical trial management. Meanwhile, Delven presents a user-friendly platform to efficiently manage your participants' progress throughout the study. Together, we are committed to delivering excellence and efficiency to your clinical research endeavors.

MasterControl Solutions

eTMF Solutions

A clinical trial master file (TMF) is an essential collection of the many documents, tasks, milestones and activities that must be maintained as evidence of scientific credibility and proof of a clinical trial’s adherence to regulatory requirements.

A trial master file checklist can help ensure that the content required for regulatory compliance is included in your organization’s TMF and that all requisite activities are effectively monitored and recorded.

MasterControl offers a complimentary downloadable trial master file template above in Excel spreadsheet format. The TMP template is designed to streamline the management and collection of TMF documentation from study initiation to study closeout.

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Clinical Trial Management

Simplify clinical management with a single platform. MasterControl allows you to connect all clinical data, documents, tasks and processes.

Managing clinical research is expensive and time consuming. And there's never been an efficient way to unify the volumes of information you must handle throughout a clinical trial. Until now. MasterControl’s holistic clinical software eases the traditional burdens involved in clinical research. The comprehensive solution is designed to increase efficiency and the reuse of information. It’s the ideal platform for streamlining clinical operations and quality teams' processes and tasks.

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Clinical Trial Software

Streamlined management of clinical trial data and tasks. Maximum connectivity and reuse of clinical study information. MasterControl can make it happen.

Study information. Documents. Tasks. Sites. Collaborations. The wide-ranging list of components that must be administered and maintained throughout the course of a clinical trial goes on forever. And the task of managing and controlling them all is monumental. With MasterControl, you can seamlessly connect clinical study data and effectively link all the documents and artifacts that make up your electronic trial master file (eTMF) — all on a single platform.

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