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The Research Cycle

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Simplified Study Creation

Effortlessly design scientific studies in one comprehensive platform. Delven's intuitive study creation process empowers you to customize every aspect, whether it's in-person participation or online surveys, streamlining the study setup for impactful research outcomes.

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Targeted Participant Screening

Ensure precise participant selection with Delven's built-in vetting system. Verify eligibility upon sign-up and conduct manual approvals to validate potential participants. Our rigorous screening process guarantees that your study attracts the right individuals, enhancing data quality and research validity.

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Instant Study Deployment

Seamlessly publish your study with a single click, instantly making it accessible to a wide pool of eligible participants across the Delven platform. Maximize recruitment efficiency and accelerate study enrollment, enabling you to gather data and insights more swiftly.

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Effortless Participant Management

Track participant progress effortlessly as they navigate through your study. From unlocking next steps to sending timely reminders, Delven's participant management tools streamline engagement, ensuring smooth study flow and enhancing participant retention and compliance.

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Streamlined Data Management

Store and manage all study data efficiently within Delven's centralized platform. With easy access and comprehensive data management features, analyzing and extracting valuable insights becomes a seamless process, empowering your research with robust and actionable results.

Manage your research group

Delven offers powerful research group management tools to streamline collaboration, communication, and study coordination within your research team.

Stay organized and enhance teamwork with features designed for research groups. Assign roles and permissions, facilitate secure data sharing, and streamline communication to ensure smooth collaboration and knowledge exchange among team members.

Simplify study oversight and coordination by managing multiple studies and research projects from a centralized dashboard. Track study progress, assign tasks, and monitor participant recruitment, ensuring efficient management and timely completion of research objectives.

Coming Soon

Our Features Timeline

In-App Messaging

Stay connected and enhance collaboration within Delven's platform through our upcoming in-app messaging feature. Seamlessly communicate with participants or fellow researchers, share updates, and address queries, ensuring efficient and timely exchange of information for smoother study management.


Simplify the process of coordinating and managing study sessions with Delven's upcoming scheduling feature. Effortlessly schedule in-person visits or virtual meetings, streamline participant availability, and ensure seamless study progress while eliminating scheduling conflicts and improving participant engagement

HITRUST Certification & HIPAA Compliance

Delven prioritizes data security and privacy with our upcoming HITRUST certification and HIPAA compliance. Rest assured that your study data is protected through robust security measures and adherence to industry-leading standards, maintaining confidentiality and compliance with healthcare regulations.

IRB Integration

Enhance the efficiency of your study approval process with Delven's upcoming IRB integration. Seamlessly integrate Institutional Review Board (IRB) procedures into the platform, streamlining study review and approval, ensuring compliance with ethical and regulatory standards, and accelerating study initiation.

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